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Pagan Min And Jacob 'Gary' Finch - WIP#3
Well, I really thought about the other things i could tell you about Gary.... And it's kinda funny, that WereWolf39 wrote a comment which implies one of those facts I'm going to tell you now.

Before he came to Pagan in 2001, Gary actually worked fives years for the Secret Intelligence Service (SIS) ... It's not known what he did there, but Pagan presumes, that he worked at the IT Area. Cuz Gary can do some crazy shit with a computer. But also he never told Pagan what happened, that he got 'fired'... well it's not fired, more like degraded and removed to another agency with a compensation... (Pagan loves calling that: 'shush money')
He worked one year at the british embassy in India, when he heard trough the grapevine, that a 'warlord' from a neighboring country 'searches' for an assistent... 
Well - De Cri (De Pleur's predecessor) searched an assistent for Pagan and guess what - Gary hated working in the embassy ... so he travelled to Kyrat and ... yeah - this is how Jacob Finch came to Pagan Min. :> 

another passage from my german fanfiction, that I translated for you:


The lumb in my throat grew enourmously. The feeling of pressure brought tears to my eyes. Just once a sobbing tone left my throat. There was this feeling again, which was way too much for me. This bolt in my heart, which reminded me, that I was a fucking idiot. 
"Please - do not cry because of love, Sir", the Briton advised me and tried to cheer me up. Actually that was useless, but I didn't tell him.
"There isn't only one woman, You know ... take a look at me. I love every woman, I like..."
I knew that he meant well and I also knew what he REALLY ment by that. Because my highly regarded assistent had no wife or children aswell. But he maintained a lot of affiares here in Kyrat. Everytime, a high-ranking solider died, it was him who told their bereaved this. He 'took care' of the female family members and because of his behaviour and his charm he returned more than once with a suspicious smirk on this lips. Also he loved to spend his day offs at the city of pain, to have sex with prostitutes... Gary was a hedonist, a fast liver -  my counterweight. 


Also there are scenes between them like:
Gary: I'm very proud of You, Sir..."
Pagan - smiling: "Nobody cares, what you thinking."


Pagan: "Did I ... fired you the last monthes?"
Gary: "Oh ... no, Sir. Not since this accident with the elefants, I guess..."
Pagan: "Hah..."

You see, their relationship is ... kinda funny. More like a friendship with much respect.
Like Pagan and De Pleurs relationship ... :D
Pagan Min And Jacob 'Gary' Finch - WIP #2
As I mentioned earlier - I'm going to tell you more about Gary... and as well about Pagan XD
He and Pagan enjoy having a 4 o'clock tea together, where Gary tells Min anything about necessary things like events, the finances from Kyra Tea, new letters arrived and stuff... actually Gary is a maid-of-all-work to Pagan. He manages his time and has an eye on his health...
Because Min is a sensualist who is very drug-prone - and he 
was or rather is addicted to drugs (cocaine and heroin) and alcohol... well, nobodys perfect
Gary saved Pagans life once, because he nearly suffocate in his own vomit. After that, Pagan trusted him blindly. 

I translated a passage from my german FF here for u - it's october 2004 a few months after Ishwari and Pagan met up a last time...


"Sir? How are You doing?"
"Gary?", I asked very sluggish. Wether my tounge, neither my brain were able to do more than that. But I guessed it was him, who carried me into my room and bed. Because I inject myself with heroin in the bureau.
"Of course, Sir", my assistent confirmed considerate and seemed to be relieved: "It's good that You are still with us."
My face twisted into a questioning look - surely my countenance acted up. I tried to sit up, but failed royally and collapsed back into the bed. The painful limbs and my weakness forbidden me any exhausting actions. 
"Carefull, Sir...", said my neighbour calm. I just looked at him and he combined: "You look like You want to know, what happend?"
I confirmed this question he read in my eyes slowly nodding.
"You had a shock - a breakdown, Sir. Caused by an overdose. If I had not found you, you would have suffocate in your vomit."

Well, that explained why my throat felt rough and this rank taste on my tounge. I blinked at Gary wordless - he stared back very serious. Not only he carried me to bed, he saved my life. But I didn't react to anything. Just a blink of the eye. Then I faced away, to escape this reproachfully glanze. I stared at the ceiling.
"SIR!", the Briton yelled disgustedly - for the very first time, there was a tone in his voice, which offerd opposition to my doing: "Do You understand, what I told You? You nearly killed Yourself!"
Of course I understood. But to be honest, I didn't know how to handle with it. It shocked me as it surprised me. A sigh - a tiring sigh left my ill-treated throat.
"Sir...", this time, the adress sounded way more caring: "Mister Min, I beg You ..."
"Gary ... it's ... I'm fine...", I lied with an evenly voice. I knew, that I wasn't fine. Wether now, nor the last weeks or monthes. Nor the last years. I had reached a point, where I started to feel wretched.
"Bollocks to that!", he replied serious: "You got a massive drug problem here, Sir!"

Pagan Min And Jacob 'Gary' Finch - WIP
Well - I decided to draw a picture from Pagan and his servant 'Gary'...
actually this is how I imagine him... and I use this imagination in my fanfictions xD (and YES he's TOTALLY influenced by David Mason from CoD)
His real name is not Gary... it's Jacob Finch - Pagan just named him 'Gary' 'cuz: "Jacob sounds too biblical..." :'D
So, Gary is a british guy, some years younger than his boss and he's very handsome... he works for Pagan over twelve years now (2014)
He's such a gentleman but also a womanizer, who loves having One Night Stands and kinda rough sex XD
Don't worry - he's straight! XD There is just a weird 'friendship' between 'em...
Gary is like, alsway calling Pagan 'Sir' or 'Mister Min' but never 'King', 'Boss', or 'Highness'... just a few times he calls him by his 'first name' Pagan...
He really enjoys working for Pagan and the King is very happy to have such a competent assistent. 
Maybe I'll tell more about Gary in the next deviation XD

I really love Gary <3

AND NOW ... it's time 2 do some colorating :'D
cya soon :D
Still love Buck AND the imagination that he lusts after Vaas :>

It's still my opinion that they can't stand each other - and Buck's a man who loves fucking man, he can't stand... just to torture them and kill 'em whils having sex with 'em. 
Thats why he thinks about Vaas, while masturbating :D


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